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Fantom History

This is where most companies like to go on and on about themselves, but we prefer to let our products speak for us. Rather than bore you with meaningless chatter, just give our products a try and see what it means when we say, “More Power To The People”. Fantom Racing Enterprises has been building serious horsepower for over 21 years, because we love racing, and we love to win. Our mission is to continue bringing you top level racing components for many years to come.

Feel The Power…Feel The Fantom!


Product Warranty

  • Due to the intended use of R/C products, Fantom‚ products are guaranteed against workmanship and manufacturing defects only, for a period of 30 days from the original date of purchase. This guarantee does not cover misuse, abuse, or normal wear, and is up to our discretion upon reviewing the product.
  • This warranty is non-transferable
  • This warranty does not cover items that have been modified or attempted to be repaired.
  • Fantom’s liability shall never exceed the product’s original cost.
  • Because Fantom has no control over the use of any products, Fantom is not liable for any damages or injury resulting from the use or purchase of any Fantom product.
  • The purchaser accepts all responsibility, and cannot hold Fantom responsible for any damages and/or injury incurred by improper use or improper judgment in using any Fantom products.

Product Repair

  • For warranty service, please include your original sales receipt for verification of purchase date.
  • For non-warranty service, please include your preferred method of payment, i.e. credit card, COD, etc…
  • For all service, please include a brief note describing the problem, and a return address and phone number in the box.
  • For Facts Machine™ dyno repairs, please send your dyno to: Wizard Electronics, 61925 52nd Avenue, Hartford, Michigan 49057.
  • For all other repairs, please send item to: Fantom Racing, 15170 Dickinson Rd., White Pigeon, MI 49099.

Fantom Racing Enterprises reserves the right to change the provisions of their warranty at any time without prior notification. Prices, products, and availability subject to change without prior notification. The information provided on this web site is based on our experience, and is only our opinion. Because there are so many variables, your experience may differ from ours. By no means is any information given as a guarantee to a products performance, and the purchaser assumes all risk and liabilities.



15170 Dickinson Rd.
White Pigeon, MI 49099


Monday – Friday
9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. EST
Closed 12:00 noon – 1:00p.m. for lunch


Phone: 269-483-0200
Fax: 269-483-0400

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