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Fantom Weekly Race Recap January 22-30th

Rc One in Michigan held the third round of the East vs West series race. We had a huge team presence here this weekend. With over 200+ entries, we dominated with a 1-2-3 Fantom podium in stadium truck. We had Dreighton Stoub in the first-place spot followed up by Mike Howe in the 2nd, finishing with Rob Kulza closing up the podium with a 3rd place.

Stoub also took home a first-place win in mod 2wd followed up by team driver Tater Sontag claiming the 2nd podium place. Sontag lead the podium in wheeler earning himself the first place podium.

We also had team members Michael Champernault, Roger Wendling and Mike Lopes landing podium positions this weekend. Champernault rounded out the 2wd stock buggy class with a third-place podium finish. Lopes started his day with a TQ in 4wd short course ending it with a 2nd place podium behind tem driver Roger Wendling who got the W and took the first place podium. Lopes also took home a 3rd place podium finish in 4wd buggy


Next, we’re moving to EN Hobbies in Columbus for their Stock Championship. We had team member Dustin Fox eager to take home the win. Fox raced two stock classes, 4wd and 2wd. Fox would immediately snag up the TQ position in the first round of qualifying for 4wd. Dustin went on take home the W in 4wd. He faced some struggles for the 2wd main but claimed a 3rd place podium spot overall.

Moving on to  RC fun park in northern Indiana we had team members Devin Nicely and Chris Rothwell racing in the Coliseum Classic. Devin ran a total of 5 classes making for a very action-packed day. Nicely was able to TQ and take home the win in 4wd short course he then followed that up with a 2nd podium spot in 13.5 4wd and Ebuggy, Nicely was also able to snag up a 3rd position podium spot in mod 4wd.

Chris Rothwell would lead the pack and take home the W in Ebuggy and a 3rd place podium spot in 17.5 2wd stock buggy.

Finishing up our weekly race recap we are headed over to RC Farm in Tennessee for their Winter Championship. Here we had team driver Austin Hines racing in his first ever pro class event! Austin would go on to TQ both rounds of Pro Ebuggy qualifying and taking home the W in the A-main. Hines took the win using a Fantom 1950kv motor, Fantom FR-8 ESC, Fantom FR-745 Servo, and a Fantom 4s 6750mah Battery.

Hines also qualified 2nd overall in Pro ETruggy, heading into the mains Hines saw some struggle with his tire choice and the track dropping temp, despite his struggles he managed to round out the podium with a 3rd place finish! Austin stated that he “couldn’t have asked for a better pro class debut”.

Thank you Fantom team drivers for another great week of racing!

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