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NEW – 9900mAh, 200C, 7.6v, 2-Cell, 2S6P, OCTANE Pro Drag Series LiPo-HV

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NEW – 9900mAh, 200C, 7.6v, 2-Cell, 2S6P, OCTANE Pro Drag Series LiPo-HV


OCTANE 2S6P Pro Drag Series batteries pack even more power!  OCTANE Pro Drag Series LiPo-HV batteries provide an extra edge over standard LiPo chemistry, by allowing you to charge them to 4.35 volts per cell, providing you with the ultimate voltage, capacity, and flatter discharge curve!  This extra voltage gives you blistering performance on the track!  Our LiPo-HV batteries also feature proprietary Silicon Graphene technology, which stabilizes the cells and increases their cycle life & efficiency.  OCTANE Pro Drag Series batteries are developed for the extreme demands of pro-level drag racing, where horsepower and low internal resistance is critical.  For the Ultimate Power and Performance, Fantom Racing OCTANE Pro Drag Series LiPo-HV’s set the standard for high-performance LiPo-HV technology!

More Power to the People…

  • Capacity: 9900mAh
  • 75.24Wh
  • Nominal Voltage: 2-Cell (2S), 7.6v
  • Cell Configuration: 2S6P
  • C-Rate: 200C (continuous)
  • Dimensions: (L) 95mm x (W) 56mm x (H) 43mm
  • Weight: 550 grams average
  • Connector Type: QS8
  • Balance Connector: JST-XH
  • Soft Case
  • Proprietary Silicon Graphene chemistry stabilizes the cells and increases cycle life & efficiency!
  • LiHV chemistry provides the Ultimate Voltage, Capacity, and flatter discharge curve!
  • 2S6P cell configuration provides the most powerful and fastest 2-Cell LiPo battery we have ever offered in its class!
  • If your track only allows charging up to 4.20 volts per cell, the extra headroom puts less strain on your battery for longer cycle life, and they still run awesome!
  • Manufactured by the most advanced R/C LiPo-HV battery manufacturer in the world, utilizing state-of-the-art chemistry and manufacturing techniques!
  • QS8 Connector to handle the serious power of this battery!
  • Includes detailed instruction sheet.

IMPORTANT: This battery requires a charger that is capable of charging up to 8.7 volts (4.35 volts per cell) to obtain the maximum performance out of it.

What is a 2S6P battery?  In a nutshell, using our new 9900 as an example, this 2S6P battery is built with twelve 1650mAh / 3.8 volt cells.  They are wired as 6 cells in parallel (1650mAh x 6 = 9900mAh and 3.8 volts) x two sets, and then these two sets of 6 cells are wired in series (3.8 volts x 2 = 7.6 volts).  When you use the same formula to compare this to a typical 2S2P battery (using the same 1650mAh capacity cells), you lose 4950mAh of capacity, while the voltage remains the same at 7.6v.  In drag racing we generally don’t worry about capacity, however, there is a benefit for drag racing, when we use 6 cells in parallel compared to 2, 3, 4, or 5 cells in parallel.  There’s more science to it than this, but generally speaking, increasing the cell count, in effect, allows us to pull the required energy (amperage) from more cells, which improves the voltage drop.  In other words, at the start of a race, when you first pull the throttle, the motor requires a lot of amperage, let’s say 200 amps for this example.  This amperage pulls the voltage down very quickly.  Let’s say for the first 20 feet of a race, using a 2S2P battery, your voltage drops from 8.7 volts to 8.3 volts, but using a 2S6P battery the voltage only drops to 8.65 volts.  As you can see, by increasing the cell count, we can potentially improve our battery voltage by 0.35 volts, for the first 20 feet, and this effect continues for the duration of the race.  This improvement of 0.35 volts results in an advantage of 70 watts of additional power supplied to the motor (0.35 volts x 200 amps) = 70 watts.  In horsepower terms, 70 watts = .094 horsepower (70 watts / 746 = .094).  This can make a huge difference by the end of a race!  If your track allows 2S6P batteries, you have a definite advantage over someone using a 2S2P, 2S3P, 2S4P, or 2S5P batteries.

IMPORTANT: Due to the high stress that drag racing products are subjected to, there is no warranty on this particular product, except that it is free of manufacturing defects at the time of purchase.

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